Dr. Elizabeth Webber
World Elephant Day

The first Humans of Nature podcast features Dr. Elizabeth Webber, an elephant specialist and the COO of Trunks & Leaves.

Dr. Mark Brigham
Endangered Species Day

This Humans of Nature podcast features Dr. Mark Brigham, a bird and bat researcher and University of Regina biology professor.

Dr. Daniel Rubenstein
World Zebra Day

Check out this podcast featuring Dr. Daniel Rubenstein, a Zebra researcher and Princeton University professor.

Ziyaan Virji
World Population Day

This podcast features Ziyaan Virji, a a change-maker for The Generation of Change and CEO & Founder of For The Menstruator.

Dr. Gregory Skomal
Shark Awareness Day

Dive into this podcast with Dr. Gregory Skomal, a renowned marine biologist and shark behaviour researcher.

Dr. Anita Malhotra
World Snake Day

This podcast features Dr. Anita Malhotra, a British evolutionary biologist specializing in snake genetics and phylogenetics.

Dr. Hal Whitehead
World Whale & Dolphin Day

Dive into this podcast with Dr. Hal Whitehead, a marine biologist, author, and researcher of whale behaviour and social structure.

Dr. Sunarto
World Tiger Day

Leap into this World Tiger Day podcast with Dr. Sunarto, a wildlife and landscape ecologist and tiger researcher.

Dr. Marc Ancrenaz
World Orangutan Day

Swing into this podcast with Dr. Marc Ancrenaz, a scientific advisor and wildlife researcher directing numerous orangutan projects!

Ariana Agustines
World Whale Shark Day

Dive into this podcast with Ariana Agustines, a marine conservationist and National Geographic Explorer!

Dr. Martin Gilbert
World Vulture Day

Glide into the World Vulture Day podcast with with wildlife veterinarian, epidemiologist and vulture researcher, Dr. Martin Gilbert.