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World Rhino Day

Learn all about these gentle giants on World Rhino Day- a time for us all to raise awareness on this critically endangered species as well as how we can work together to support conservation efforts of Rhino-focused initiatives around the world. 


Published September 22, 2022

Written by Shiza Anwar

Did you know that at the beginning of the 20th century, 500,00 rhinos roamed Africa and Asia, and today the number dropped massively to 27,000? Well, you do now! September 22 is World Rhino Day. A day where awareness of the decrease in rhinos is taught about, and where the five species left of rhinos are celebrated. The five remaining species of rhinos are the Sumatran rhino, Javan rhino, Black rhino, Greater one-horned rhino, and the White rhino. These beautiful creatures were once greater in number.  

An estimated 6,100 black rhinos are known to remain.

You might be wondering, what is happening to the rhino population and why? The rhino population has been massively decreasing for the past few years because of many threats. The main threats include poaching, loss of habitat, and the illegal horn trade. Poaching a rhino means illegally killing a rhino and keeping its horn as a symbol to display success. Many people keep rhino horns in their homes to simply show how wealthy and successful they are. Unfortunately, this show of success is the greatest threat facing rhinos today. Sure does seem selfish to kill a rhino to show off, doesn’t it? In addition, horns are often sold for expensive prices. The use of land that belongs to the rhinos also drives rhinos out of their homes, and into places where they will not survive. 

Hundreds of rhinos are poached for their horns illegally each year.  

Why should I care?

Rhino’s benefit so many other animals and keep balance within the ecosystem. Rhinos also reshape the land around them which benefits many of the other animals that live there. Rhinos tell the story of our earth just like any other creature. Last but certainly not least they are a living species! Just as we would care for any species we should care for rhinos. One creature at a time the diversity of our earth is decreasing and running food chains. It is our responsibility as good citizens to protect these stunning creatures.

These magnificent creatures are essential to the creatures around them.

How can I help?

Nothing helps more than helping others become aware. Tell others about the rapidly decreasing population. Boycott buying animal horns and prevent others from doing the same. Use your social media platform to tell your friends about these issues. In addition, it is possible to donate to rangers who stand bravely between the rhinos and poachers. Websites to donate to include Fauna & Flora International and Save the Rhino International.


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